Pricing is without VAT, off factory.

Quattrocycle for 4 persons$6795 USD
Quattrocycle for 4 persons with Electric Pedalling Aid$8090 USD
Quattrotour for 2 persons$6195 USD
Quattrotour for 2 persons with Electric Pedalling Aid$7490 USD
Electric Pedalling Aid$1295 USD
Canopy$1095 USD
Child seat for 3 kids$315 USD
Child seat for kids 15-25 kgs$125 USD
Support for logo sign 2 x$35 USD
Bobike baby seat$105 USD
Support for Bobike baby seat$55 USD
Support for vertical storage$135 USD
Lighting front and rear$75 USD
Safety belts per set$125 USD
Foot supports (L+R) per set$255 USD
Collapsible arm rest$395 USD
Shipped to your door (Continental USA and Canada)
Note: Canadian's may have additional customs charges

Quattrocycle box for International shipping from The Netherlands.