To make sure you can enjoy your Quattrocycle soon, we will take of everything!

You don't have to worry about how you will get your Quattrocycle to your home in the USA.
Together with our custom broker we will take care of the shipping, handling and customs clearance.

We ship your Quattrocycle form The Netherlands to Chester, Pennsylvania. Once it has arrived at the port and has been brought ashore, we can deliver straight to your home. Or if you want to handle the last part of it's jouney, that's possible too.

For the customs clearance by our US broker we do advise you to allow them to make use of your TAX ID number for administrative requirements only.

Prices of delivery from Chester to your home are not inlcuded in the pricing below.

Prices including shipping and custom clearance to Chester, Pennsylvania

Quattrocycle for 4 persons$6235 USD
Quattrocycle for 4 persons with Electric Pedalling Aid$8165 USD
Quattrotour for 2 persons$5650 USD
Quattrotour for 2 persons with Electric Pedalling Aid$5625 USD
Child seat for 3 kids$315 USD
Child seat for kids 15-25 kgs$125 USD
Bobike baby seat$105 USD
Support for Bobike baby seat$55 USD
Support for vertical storage$135 USD
Lighting front and rear$75 USD
Safety belts per set$125 USD
Foot supports (L+R) per set$255 USD
Collapsible arm rest$395 USD
Note: Canadian's may have additional customs charges

Quattrocycle box for International shipping from The Netherlands.