...well, for everyone!

Use this genuine Dutch 'trapkar' for sports, travel, go to work, or just for some plain fun and quality time with your family and friends!

Driving the Quattrocycle is:

• Sporty: everyone can exercise and pedal on their own level, thanks to the individual gear systems.

• Comfortable: The Quattrocycle is suspended with car techniques and has comfortable, customizable seats, which even makes driving offroad very easy and relaxed.

• Fun: Four persons on a Quattrocycle and the kids on the back seats.

• Interesting: The wide tyres and suspension allow for driving on roads where ordinary bikes are not suited. Ideal for GPS-tours.

• For everyone: from 0 to 80 years; the seat-to-pedal distance can be adjusted.

• Practical: Luggage goes on the luggage frame.

• Safe: Biking on a Quattrocycle is safer than an ordinary bike. There are safety belts for the kids.