Be enchanted by the unique charms of this e-Solex and the pure pleasure of riding on a sunny day. The T-Rex is a class apart thanks to the retro design.

It is more than a style; the T-Rex is an energy-efficient way of traveling. Combining an environmentally friendly engine system, an innovative design with retro look is like a nod to his gas-powered predecessor.

Equipped with a powerful 350 watt motor, a 20-amp 48-volt lithium-ion battery, this eco-friendly e-Solex offers all the answers you need in terms of performance. With the T-Rex you drive between 40 and 50 km on a full battery charge with a maximum speed of 25 km per hour.

The battery is also detachable, making it easy to carry and charge immediately.

Would you like to try out the T-Rex sometime? No problem, just call for an appointment!