Quattrotour for 2 persons

Recently we introduced the Quattrotour, our two-person bicycle.

Following the success of the Quattrocycle, there was a need for a two-person version. So we developed this new bicycle. The techniques used, are the same as on the Quattrocycle. Of course this bicycle can be used in the recreational sector, ans is also very suitable for the healthcare sector. Two persons can pedal,  and several children can be carried on separate seats in the front or in the back, up to three children per seat. This means that one or two adults can take up to six or seven children! 

This bicycle is also very popular with consumers. Fortunately we were able to keep the price reasonably low, at € 2.800,-.

If you are interested, please contact us. Maybe we can even demonstrate it to you!

Weight:106 kgs
Length:234 cm
Width:132 cm
Track width front:120 cm
Track width back:120 cm
Height:125 cm
Gears:2 x Shimano 3 gears
Powered by:person left drives left back wheel, person right drives right back wheel
Suspension:Spiral springs on front and rear axles