Quattrocycle for 4 persons

The Quattrocycle combines the fun of biking with four persons, with the comfort of a recumbent bicycle with gears and suspension. The gears allow you to go offroad. The Quattrocycle is equipped with 3 gears. On the back there is room for luggage, a picknick basket or child seats. The standard color of a Quattrocycle is silver/grey. All other colors on demand.

Features of the Quattrocycle:

  • The Quattrocycle is controlled by the person sitting in the left back, with two control bars.
  • The Quattrocycle is fitted with four drum brakes. The rear brakes are operated by the grips on the handle bars. The front brakes are operated by moving both handle bars to the front.
  • The seats are manufactured from textilene, this is weather resistant and once wet, it dries quickly.
  • Where possible, standard components have been used from Shimano, Union and Tomos. This guarantees a high quality and long term availability of spare parts.
  • Shifting gears is done by standard gear hubs as normally used in the rear wheel of a bike. 
  • The Quattrocycle has four of these hubs so everyone can shift gears individually and everyone has its own freewheel.
  • Both front and rear axle have suspension. This makes driving the Quattrocycle very comfortable.
  • The seats are continuously adjustable over the frame over a distance of 37 cm. Therefore children from about 6 years can already pedal on the Quattrocycle. Loosening and fixing the seat on the frame is done by a single movement using an excenter clamp.
  • The Quattrocyle has a so called Flexframe. This frame is flexible in such a way that all wheels stay on the ground at all times, also when driving on uneven terrain. By means of this special frame overloading of the frame is prevented. Using the flexframe concept, a lightweight frame can carry the weight of 4 persons.

Technical data Quattrocycle

Weight:122 kgs
Length:280 cm
Width:132 cm
Track width front:120 cm
Track width back:120 cm
Height:125 cm
Gears:2 x Shimano 3 gears
Powered by:person left drives left back wheel, person right drives right back wheel
Suspension:Spiral springs on front and rear axles


Manual Quattrocycle English User_Manual_Quattrocycle.pdf