Also electric!

Electric pedalling aid for Quattrocycle and Quattrotour

The Quattrocycle with Electric Pedalling Aid is a totally new product in this branche. Pedalling is now a breeze! With it's strong motor and battery of 48V and 10 Amp, it will almost make you fly. The Quattrocycle with Electric Pedalling Aid is also very suitable for the healthcare sector. A single healthcare worker can take three clients for a ride. The Quattrocycle with Electric Pedalling Aid also comes in the Quattrotour 2-person version.

From the year 2012 the Quattrocyle and the Quattrotour can be fitted with Electric Pedalling Aid. Next images show you the different parts of the system:

Speed sensor

The speed sensor measures the pedaler's speed. The motor only gets activated if the driver really pedals. This is why the Quattrocyle and the Quattrotour with Electric Pedalling Aid are legally still considered normal bicycles in Europe. So no driving licence or licence plates are necessary.


The motor is a off-the-shelf bicycle hub motor wit 1000 Watts power on 48 volts. The motor drives the left back wheel with a separate chain.

Battery and controller

The battery and controller are integrated under the luggage compartment, in the back. The battery is a Lithium-Ion battery, 48 volts, 10 Ah. The system comes with a battery charger.

Speed and Range

The Quattrocycle with electric support has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

With a full battery can drive about 25 kilometers.

The above distance is not guaranteed, it is very dependent on the load of the bike, delivered pedaling effort of the riders, the air pressure in the tires, road and wind conditions. If the range is insufficient, you can always take a second battery. The battery can be easily replaced.