Here's an overview of our accessories:

  • Electric Pedaling Aid
  • Roof
  • Child bench for 3 kids
  • Child seat for kids 15-25 kgs
  • Supports for logo sign
  • Bobike baby seat, kids 9-15 kgs
  • Support for Bobike baby seat
  • Support for vertical storage
  • Lighting
  • Safety belts per set
  • Foot supports (L+R) per set
  • Collapsible arm rest

All our accessories and bicycle frames are zinc-sprayed, so rust is reduced to a minimum!


White for front, red for back, 2 x 2 pcs.

€ 47,50

Child seat
Wisker picknick basket

Collapsible arm rest

For easier seat accesss, especially for healthcare sector.

€ 235,-

Collapsible arm rest
Vertical storage support
Child seats 15-25 kgs
Logo sign support
Logo sign support

Logo sign support.

Baby seat (Bobike) for child 9 to 15 kgs.